Nov 2016

sold out (pretty much)

please apologize that we are pretty much sold
out at the moment, as we are currently exhibiting
on various design fairs and can't keep up with
updating our product range. By the end of NOV
we should be on track again....

Nov 2016

Blickfang Zürich

visit us at the Blickfang Zürich from 25th - 27th November.

Oct 2016


from Octobre 21st-23rd we are looking for old
quality loudspeakers which we would like to
transform into Tomboxes using our wonderous
machine, the "Tombox Automat".

Come, see and be amazed by this utterly
unique presentation and take advantage of
the bargain price we will be offering for the
transformation of your old speakers.

Aug 2016

the rest of Pepe

the last versions of our Peppermill are now
available online. Only a dozen or so are left...