Aug 2019

Nice to be back

Now that we are back from our little break we are
ready to join into the race - with the difference
that we not the ones riding a bike down a ski
slope. To get started we will produce a small
batch of PEPE Peppermills and slowly move on
to new projects which we will begin once we've
settled in.
Nice to be back. At least so far.

Jun 2018

think = break

diefabrik will be taking a break from August 2018
until probably June 2019. Therefor we are cuttting
down on production and put our webshop on hold
during our break. Of course we are happy to
answer questions via email during our break so
feel free to interrupt our thinking process.

Apr 2018

PEPE live

See how the peppermills PEPE are manufactured by diefabrik - at the Blickfang Design fair in Basel.

Apr 2018

Blickfang Basel 2018

Wonderful peppermills at the Blickfang design fair in Basel - by diefabrik of course!